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HR to Go's Human Resource Outsource Services include consulting; California AB 1825 training; employee handbooks; diversity, harassment and discrimination training, employee relations consulting and human resource management. HR to Go specializes in California HR development and training.

Handbook and Policy Formation: Personnel policies can quickly become outdated because of human resources practices, court rulings and changes in State & Federal laws. We will assist you by analyzing and monitoring regulatory, judicial and personnel activities as they apply to your company.

Compensation Programs & Surveys: Avoid inappropriate pay expenses and be aware of what organizations are paying. We will determine affordable and appropriate pay for your market and industry.

Employee Relations: Employees with problems can cost your company plenty in lost production, absenteeism and turnover. Whether it is co-worker conflict, educational deficits or work-life balance issues, we can help.

Benefits Administration: We will assist your company in designing Cafeteria Plans creatively to help deal with the increasing medical rate problem and help the employer control their costs. We offer a complete outsourcing service for Cafeteria Plan and COBRA/HIPAA administration and compliance.

Outsourced HR Management: Whether you need help with a special project, an interim HR manager, an expert level HR manager on a periodic part-time basis, or just advice, when you need us we' ll be there for you!

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (AB 1825): Some companies have good policies solidly in place to deal with sexual harassment complaints, and some do not. Which category does your company fall in? HR to Go will explain what sexual harassment is and what it is not. We guide you through what you MUST do during an investigation, if and when a complaint is made.

Organizational Development: Organizational Development is the use of planned, Behavioral Science based interventions in the workplace for the purpose of improving individual and company functions. To maximize your effectiveness in the midst of today s workplace change, we can help your company identify what area of OD will work for you and strengthen those areas.

Job Descriptions: We will help analyze your job descriptions so that they contain precisely the information you want and need. We are available to help you create, customize and critique job descriptions that are legally compliant with ADA and OSHA and determine if you have employees correctly classified.

EEO/Affirmative Action Plans: HR to Go staff has extensive experience in developing Affirmative Action Plans to ensure compliance to Executive Order 11246. Plan development including workforce analysis and record-keeping can be a burdensome chore requiring countless hours of your time. Take advantage of our expertise, and your plan can be developed within a minimal amount of time at a price that s favorable.

Compliance Audits: Ineffective, misaligned, and unlawful employment policies, procedures, and practices are a significant threat to an organization's employee and public relations, employment brand, and bottom line. Competitive and financial benefits can be derived from effective HR management. Increasingly the management tool of choice to ensure compliance, to reduce the exposure to employment related liabilities, and to improve the value of the organization's human capital is an HR audit. Like financial audits, HR audits are designed to assess management activities, identify policy and practice weaknesses, perform due diligence, benchmark best practices, and to quantify and evaluate outcomes.

Do it Yourself Audit - complete with 26 key audit questions and answers

Health and Safety Plans (SB198): Creating and maintaining a safe workplace is not only good, common business sense; it is a legal requirement. We will guide and assist you in the task of keeping your company current and compliant with OSHA s guidelines. We'll write your Illness and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP) and design easy to use administration for your industry.

Employees Surveys and Research: The best reason to conduct this kind of survey is to find out what problems your employees are experiencing so that you can make improvements in the workplace environment. How the people you work with perceive you is a major determinant of your effectiveness as a manager and a leader.

Staffing & Recruitment Services : In today's changing economy it is important for us to evaluate our services and ability to exceed the needs of our clients. HR to Go has designed a program to help save our customers time and money while improving the efficiency of their own recruiting program. The cost of recruiting candidates using today's staffing agency or internal approach is very expensive.

Employers must consider the cost of advertising, the time and effort required to properly screen applicant resumes, and the need to respond to candidates in a timely manner. HR to Go has launched a service called Premier Recruitment Outsourcing where we help our clients to recruit and screen your candidates.

HR to Go will consult to develop a recruiting strategy that will attract top quality candidates that meet your specific needs, including placing ads to take advantage of our discount pricing. We will identify special skills, core competencies, and unique qualities to assure we are using the right mediums to attract the best candidates.

Employee Retention Programs: HR to Go’s Employee Retention Program will enable your organization to:

  • Save money -- The American Management Association estimates that turnover of an employee costs more than 30% of that individual's annual salary.
  • Ensure continuity of customer service and satisfaction -- Turnover disrupts the connection between customers and your company.
  • Build employee morale -- Turnover undermines the company culture and overall employee loyalty.
  • Remain competitive -- Employees that defect to competitors may erode your edge.
  • Improve quality -- Satisfied employees deliver higher quality products and services.

Management and Supervisory Training: Management and supervisory training and development is an important way to ensure that leaders have the skills necessary to lead and direct their organizations. Whether your business is large or small, your management team can benefit from management training and development. Even if your management team is only one or two people in size, there are huge benefits to be reaped by signing up for management development training,

Wouldn't you like to know how to handle difficult situations, especially difficult customer service problems, much more effectively and easily? Wouldn't you love to know how to communicate better with employees and customers? Would creative problem solving help in generating new, innovative ideas about how to do business? Could better time management skills help your days flow smoothly? These are only a few of the skills presented through various leadership training and development courses.

Online Training Courses Available

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