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Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Motivation (or Why Can’t Everyone Just Do Their Job?) This is a question we will help you answer by working with both management and employees to create written documents and performance improvement plans all the while helping an employee to improve. We also help counsel employees through tough situations where they can’t seem to get along with other co-workers or managers.

Supervisors and managers impact employee relations on all levels of any organization. Experienced HR Managers can help minimize issues, improve morale and reduce turnover.

HRtoGO consultants are experts in the area of crafting employee relations policies and conducting supervisory and staff training in the following areas

1. Recruitment Management.
  • Obtain the critical skills that managers must possess
  • Screen candidates based on criteria appropriate to corporate culture
  • Whether promoting from within or looking outside for recruits, review those who have the skills and characteristics specific to your organization’s needs for success.
2. Responsibility Awareness.
  • Craft job description and expectations.
  • Define and communicate then support roles and responsibilities
  • Give and receive input from upper management and staff
3. Training managers on critical tasks.
  • Employee interviewing and hiring
  • New hire orientation and onboarding
  • Progressive performance and discipline.
  • Employee termination
4. Training as an ongoing requirement.
  • Online and in person skills training
  • Changing in employment law
5. Communication that is effective.
  • Specific training or guidance on how to communicate effectively with staff.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Respond to employee suggestions.
  • Deal with conflict.

Enhanced and targeted employee/management relation training is one of the most crucial areas of focus for any business to ensure that employees are providing and receiving the maximum benefits to your organization.

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