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Handbook & Policy Formation

Handbook & Policy Formation

Written policies and procedures are an essential tool in the daily battle against the barrage of inquiries and complaints about pay procedures, promotion policies, vacation scheduling conflicts, turnover problems and grievance procedures–to name just a few. The handbooks we create for a client are custom to the business, culture, internal policies & procedures so your handbook will be the best reflection of who you are as a business.

Increase Productivity

Company policies set productive standards of conduct, create systems to deal with complaints, reduce faulty communications, and insure consistency in discipline, safety and work rules. Moreover, written policies help avoid charges of favoritism on the one hand and unfairness and discrimination on the other. Written policies and procedures help create and maintain a happier, more satisfied and more productive workforce.

Reduce Internal Issues
  • To serve as written declarations of a company’s commitment to fair
    employment practices and equal employment opportunity.
  • To express the basic philosophies of senior management.
  • To serve as basic philosophies of senior management.
  • To provide employers with a systematic approach to effective
    employer-employee relations.
  • To outline company rules and requirements.
  • To clarify an organization’s expectations of its employees.
  • To clarify an organization’s expectations of its employees.
Reduce Risk

Handbooks also offer a brief history of the organization and a description of its primary products or services, outline the benefits and privileges of working for the organization, and identify the employer’s obligation to employees with regard to continued employment.

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