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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are critical elements of many components to a person’s job from the time they are hired, to when they may potentially require an accommodation, are injured or refuse to do a certain task. Job descriptions are working documents that should be updated frequently to align with the essential duties of a person’s job and be specific to that position as well as the company.

Why Is Writing Job Descriptions Important?

Some HR professionals consider writing job descriptions a waste of time, but the opposite is true. Having thoughtfully written job descriptions established expectations and responsibilities to new hires and existing employees. HRtoGO will look at updating your current job descriptions to reflect up-to-date responsibilities as assigned and write new job descriptions for new hires. They are one of the most effective employee communication tools for managers, recruiters, and prospective employees.

From the Hiring Perspective

Having a well-written job description is the first step of recruiting. When an accurate job description isn’t available, it doesn’t reflect the true nature of the job nor the essential skills necessary to qualify for it. The overview of the job helps them decide if they are interested in applying.

Job descriptions are an advertising tool to garner interest in the open position. An accurate description clearly defines and communicates your needs.

Employees need to know they have a future at the company and that the future is interesting and attainable. They will need an accurate description of overarching responsibilities, whom they are accountable to, the day to day responsibilities, the room for growth and that the compensation matches the level of skill required.

Additionally, for existing employees to be properly engaged, managers need to know what their job descriptions are in so they can work with each employee to develop their skills and grow in their careers.

From a Legal Perspective

Accurate job descriptions are necessary to make sure hiring, advancements, and compensation are done fairly. This helps reduce the risk of unfair hiring practices and lowers risk for employee-related exposures.

Accurate job descriptions are directly used to determine compensation details for the position. They are the basis in determining the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) exempt vs. non-exempt and determining fair market pay and benefits.

HRtoGO can assess your current descriptions, rewrite as necessary and forge new descriptions for expanding businesses looking to take on more staff.

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