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Successful hiring takes more than defining a job’s essential functions and skills. It also requires defining the individual characteristics needed for success in this job. Supervisors have to be able to define these characteristics in job-related terms. Every hiring decision has a big impact on the success of the department, the organization, and the person selected to fill the job. HRtoGO can help you successfully find, screen and hire qualified applicants for any of your open positions!

Recruit the right people for the job

Finding a qualified, dedicated, and invested candidate for a job vacancy can cost an employer up to 100 hours of time. Outsourcing that responsibility can eliminate that from your responsibility and leave the hiring process up to an HR recruiting expert. If you have ever wondered what a recruiter actually does, here are a few of the responsibilities a recruiter can perform to find you the perfect candidate for your open position:

  • Advertising and recruiting
  • Initial screening and evaluations
  • In-depth screening and interviews
  • Preliminary selection of a candidate to fill the job
  • Reference and medical checks
  • Job offer
  • Handling of applicants who are not hired
  • Orientation and training
Advertising and recruiting

To determine which candidates meet the requirements, a recruiter will screen
each applicant’s submission and often time for the most qualified candidates, conduct initial interviews. From there, the recruiter will make decisions about
which applicants should move on to the next step in the evaluation process.

Initial screening and evaluations

Initial interviews and evaluations help to narrow the pool down to a few people in-depth screening and interviews. Recruiters review the credentials and evaluate via the interviewing skills and core competencies.

In-depth screening and interviews

The final selection of candidates are subjected to a last round of refining the criteria for viability to fill the position. If a candidate is clearly the best choice, the recruiter will move on to the next step. If there are more than one candidates that seem equally viable, the recruiter will use the next step in the hiring process to see if one stands out more than the other in the preliminary selection of a candidate to fill the job

Reference and medical checks

Depending on the desires of the employer and the type of position, recruiters will perform the required background checks. The recruiter will contact the references and review recommendations. If this is a job requiring acumen or a high ex-mod, the recruiter may also conduct drug screening and certification verification.

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