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Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting

For over 30 years HR to Go has been providing companies with a full range of human resource services and consulting, plus access to legal information, at a fraction of the customary cost. The experts at HR to Go can set up and manage policies and procedures and help you handle employee relations, disciplinary actions and termination procedures. Depending on your specific needs, HR to Go can also oversee recruiting, training, morale-building programs, placement of temps or interim HR staff.

Specialties: Employee Relations, Handbook and Policy Formation, Compensation Programs & Surveys, Conflict Resolution, Comprehensive HR, Compliance Audits, Employees Surveys and Research, Staffing & Recruitment Services, Employee Retention Programs, Management and Supervisory Training, Disciplinary Action, And MORE!

Your Proposed Project Team

Our style is flexible and proactive. We focus attention on first your business needs, then discerning with our years of expertise, apply the solutions that make the most sense for you. From there, we craft a well thought-out business plan, and help you implement it. Our project team is balanced and blended to bring you the optimum results with affordable cost.

At HR to Go, we take a personable, professional approach in assisting our clients. We get to know you, we care about you and your employees, and we’re to help you succeed. To get to know us, we’ve assembled some biographies of our team of professionals.

  • Janelle Arsich, PHR

    Janelle has over 14 years of experience in the Human Resources field as well as several years in business administration. Ms. Arsich’s focus is on employee relations, performance management, payroll and accounting, benefits administration, employee handbooks and recruiting, to name a few of the many services she provides to our clients. Janelle’s favorite aspect of human resources management is in the creation and implementation of an HR presence in small companies. She focuses on understanding how to best support the company’s needs based on their business needs, establishing goals, and teaming with management to meet those goals.

  • Nicole Guttridge

    As our HR Generalist, Nicole works as a supportive and cooperative Human Resource team member providing service and administration activities to HR Consultants. Nicole is responsible for evaluating, interviewing and recommending applicants to HR Consultants. She performs file audits, background and reference checks, as well as conducts new employee orientations and safety meetings to foster a positive attitude toward organizational objectives. Nicole also manages sensitive and confidential matters and protects the security of information, data, and files. She received her degree in Business Administration from Simpson University.

  • Angeline Hocson

    As an HR coordinator, Angeline works to provide support services for the HR consultants. Always eager to learn, she is able to complete and provide assistance with a wide range of projects such as recruiting, job descriptions, handbook intakes and edits. Angeline is responsible for evaluating, interviewing and recommending applicants to HR consultants. She also manages sensitive and confidential matters and protects the security of information, data, and files. Angeline received her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles.

  • Kristin Bruce

    As our HR Generalist, Kristin provides comprehensive support to the consultants and quality service to clients, for the purpose of legal compliance and employee relations. Her focus is on employee handbook compliance, background and reference checks, new hire orientations and employee and management training. Kristin brings with her a background in benefits, employee on-boarding and off-boarding, leave of absence administration, and employee relations. She believes that a successful HR department is the foundation of a positive work environment. Kristin received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Sacramento in 2007.

  • Laura Cox, SPHR

    Laura has over 15 years of experience in the Human Resource field serving a wide range of companies and organizations. Some key areas of Ms. Cox’s expertise include employee relations, process and program development, compliance, training, HR metrics, performance management, mergers and acquisitions, and policy administration, to name a few of the many services she provides to our clients. Laura is an expert at compensation studies, salary reviews, and job description and classification projects. Laura is committed to finding unique solutions to client challenges and is passionate about helping to create successful employee-employer relationships. Laura has her MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from San Jose State University and her BA in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego.

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