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Workers’ Compensation

HRtoGO works alongside your broker and/or your workers’ compensation insurance company to lighten your administrative load, while enhancing your efforts to control your workers’ compensation costs.

HRtoGO alleviates the burden of tedious administrative tasks and allows you to focus your time, talent and energy on growing your company.

Workers’ Compensation Policy Support

Our workers’ compensation experts can shop your policy or provide support with your existing policy, with the sole purpose of ensuring the most competitive pricing. Our solutions include zero deposit and pay-as-you-go options.

Workers’ Compensation Management

HRtoGO provides a single point of contact to assist your staff with first report of injury, completing all required documentation, as well as
providing claims assistance, certificates, loss runs, and support with the WCIRB and experience rating matters.

Workers’ Compensation Audits

Say goodbye to the time, resources and nail-biting previously dedicated to your annual workers’ compensation audit. Whether we placed your workers’
comp or your policy is placed elsewhere, we manage the audit process on your behalf. We compile all required payroll reports, coordinate with you to ensure all of the auditor’s questions are answered, and then we audit the auditor. Verifying the auditor’s work is accurate protects your firm’s bottom line.

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