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HRtoGO specializes in a wide variety of HR services and professional development. Services include consulting, anti-harassment and discrimination training, employee handbooks, diversity training, employee relations, wage and labor law compliance, ACA, and human resource management.

Handbook & Policy Formation

Handbook & Policy Formation Written policies and procedures are an essential tool in the daily battle against the barrage of inquiries and complaints about pay procedures, promotion policies, vacation scheduling conflicts, turnover problems and grievance procedures–to name just a few. The handbooks we create for a client are custom to the business, culture, internal policies & procedures so your handbook will be the best reflection of who you are as...

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Management & Employee

Management & Employee Training Training and development is an important way to ensure that employees have the skills necessary to support their organizations. Whether your business is large or small, there are huge benefits to be reaped by signing up your team for training opportunities. HRtoGO Provides a wide array of training modules, from in person classroom style to convenient online training. We can custom tailor our training to fit...

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Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits Why should an organization audit its policies and benefits? The answer is simple – to lower their risk and remain competitive. In recent years with rapid change, the workplace is dynamic and it’s advised that an employer should consider a routine annual audit.

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Health & Safety Plans

Health & Safety Plans Creating and maintaining a safe workplace is not only good, common business sense; it is a legal requirement. We will guide and assist you in the task of keeping your company current and compliant with OSHA’s guidelines. OSHA enforces occupational safety and health regulations by inspecting workplaces, issuing citations, and imposing monetary penalties for violations of OSHA safety and health standards.

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Recruitment Successful hiring takes more than defining a job’s essential functions and skills. It also requires defining the individual characteristics needed for success in this job. Supervisors have to be able to define these characteristics in job-related terms. Every hiring decision has a big impact on the success of the department, the organization, and the person selected to fill the job. HRtoGO can help you successfully find, screen and hire...

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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions Job descriptions are critical elements of many components to a person’s job from the time they are hired, to when they may potentially require an accommodation, are injured or refuse to do a certain task. Job descriptions are working documents that should be updated frequently to align with the essential duties of a person’s job and be specific to that position as well as the company.

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Employee Relations

Employee Relations Motivation (or Why Can’t Everyone Just Do Their Job?) This is a question we will help you answer by working with both management and employees to create written documents and performance improvement plans all the while helping an employee to improve. We also help counsel employees through tough situations where they can’t seem to get along with other co-workers or managers.

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